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Why would I use a Micro ECG Recorder?

Provide prompt record- Most palpitation, dyspnea, discomfort in precordium, chest distress,etc cardiac disease happened outside the hospital, and they usually occur fast and unexpected with no trace left for the doctors to diagnose. With Micro ECG Recorder, you can monitor your heart functions any where, any time, and in any movement to provide references for more effective clinical diagnosis and thus to reduce the risk of cardiovascular accident.

Provide detailed record- For most patients, there is no need for them to stay in the hospital or visit the clinic frequently, but a complete and accurate record of their condition and healing effect is still very important for the doctor to adjust their treatment plan accordingly. Micro ECG Recorder can help you establish a long-term, detailed and complete record for your ECG data, and help improve the diagnosis and treatment effect.

Guide life and improve life quality- patients confirmed with heart disease, especially highly-risked patient need special monitor in physical activities such as traveling, running, and mountain climbing. Micro ECG Recorder helps monitor your activity and enjoy your life under guidance.

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